Water Purification

Systems Tailored to fit your needs

We Offer Tailored Solutions To Fit Your Filtration Needs

National Water & Plumbing offers customized water filtration solutions for your home, whether it be for drinking water or an entire house system, using high-quality products from Westinghouse, that all come with a Lifetime Warranty! They will create a personalized system to meet the needs of your household and improve your water supply. To start the process, you can request a free water test without any obligation to determine the best course of action for your home.

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Filtration Options

Westinghouse Dynamic Series

The Westinghouse Dynamic Series water refiner is a whole house water refining system that offers your family peace of mind with consistent high quality water. It works around the clock ensuring that your entire house receives the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean, soft water. Clothes and linens will be softer, brighter and last longer. Water spots, scaling of water-using appliances and fixtures, soap scum, and other water quality issues will become distant memories.

The Westinghouse Dynamic Series water refiner delivers safe, clean water with many innovations, delivered in a contemporary stainless steel package. It’s combination of EcoFlow regeneration, proportional cleaning, demand metering, and a true-flow media ensures industry leading conservation of water while extending the life of the filtering medias. The Westinghouse Dynamic Series refiner also utilizes a unique seven-step cleaning sequence, one of which is the most unique. A low electric current sent through two titanium plates producing a decontamination solution.

Westinghouse Reliance Series

As the name implies, the Westinghouse Reliance Series refiner delivers exceptional quality water in a package you can rely on. The Reliance Series refiner is a slightly more simplistic version of the Dynamic Series. It utilizes a seven cycle co-current flow valve with an enhanced rinse feature that readjusts the resin bed delivering more ferrous iron removal than traditional five cycle systems.

Built from high-impact, corrosion resistant materials to stand up to the test of time, the Westinghouse Reliance Series is a feature rich, economical water refiner. The solid-state microprocessor’s digital screen displays user, diagnostic, and history information providing valuable information to the homeowner and Westinghouse pro technician while its non-volatile memory stores this data indefinitely.

Drinking Water D550

After the water entering your home is initially treated by the Westinghouse whole house refiner it is then polished even further. The Westinghouse® Drinking Water System incorporates several stages of advanced treatment that deliver fresh, purified water on demand, which is conveniently dispensed from a special faucet installed at your kitchen sink.

The technology at work is impressive, removing nearly all of the remaining contaminants in your water. You are left with nothing but pure, clean, fresh tasting water to enjoy. If you’re buying bottled water, you can stop. If you’re relying on faucet or refrigerator filters, this is a new level of purity. The Westinghouse Drinking Water System provides a limitless supply of higher quality water than all these filtering methods combined.

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