New Homeowner Plumbing Tips – Part 1

Are you a new homeowner? It can be exciting, but also scary when something goes wrong with your plumbing, like a leak or clogged sink. But don’t worry, many plumbing problems are easy to fix if caught early. This 3 part series on plumbing tips will provide you with some common sense tips to help you familiarize yourself with your home’s plumbing system. These tips will help you manage bathroom and kitchen issues. You’ll learn how to spot problems, make a kit to fix them quickly, and understand when it’s time to call a professional.

Tip 1 – Know how to shut off your water: You can turn off the water to a fixture by finding the little knobs that connect to the pipes under your sink or behind the toilet. This will stop the water flow to that fixture. The main shut off valve controls water throughout your home and can be found outside where the water feeds into the structure. You may need to purchase a water shut-off key to turn it off.

Tip 2 – Create an emergency plumbing kit: You already know about having a plunger. But there are other things that can help you too. These are some basic things to add to your kit: an adjustable wrench, adjustable pliers (Channellocks), screwdrivers, plumber’s tape, pipe sealant, duct tape, a set of hex wrenches, an LED headlamp for working in poorly lit areas, and an auger and a hand snake. I would also recommend using teflon paste that comes in a squeeze tube, instead of teflon tape. When applying teflon paste to pipe threads, just a small amount goes a long way.

Tip 3: Do Your Homework: Fixing small leaks, by replacing a section of pipe, tightening a faucet or changing out an aerator on your faucet, are things don’t require a great amount of skill or experience. You can learn how to do these by looking up tips for common plumbing issues online, like a sink that drains slowly or a toilet that keeps running. You might be amazed how simple it is to do some tasks yourself, like switch out a valve in the toilet.


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